Solution for the plastic problem

TTL USA INC is committed to developing technologies to solve the global plastic waste crisis, such as the Plastic Processing Power Plant, a groundbreaking solution, which provides a solution for the environmental risks associated with non-recyclable (end-of-lifecycle) plastic waste.

The Plastic Processing Power Plant (PPPP) project hold paramount significance and possess noteworthy value as they present a globally exemplary and unique solution to plastic pollution, one of the most substantial environmental challenges today.

This efficient technology both recycles and disposes of plastic waste effectively, it also generates valuable electrical energy.

The present challenges posed by plastic waste, including its costly disposal through landfilling and detrimental environmental impact, will be transformed into a profitable opportunity that produces valuable storable hydrocarbons. By leveraging this technology, the EU will effectively meet the requirements outlined in the EU Waste Recovery Directive (30% PET bottles by 2030, and 55% plastic packaging by 2030), thus avoiding substantial penalty costs. Currently, EU's progress stands at 38%, and with this solution, the EU can ensure compliance without incurring significant financial penalties.

The adoption of the PPPP technology, coupled with a diversified and modular system, promises a significant reduction in the EU's energy dependence. This strategic shift allows the EU to produce substantial quantities of hydrocarbons from domestic resources, which can be effectively utilized for electricity and heat generation via turbines. Through the reduction of energy dependence, the EU's economic rating and qualification status will witness improvement while simultaneously enabling the management and control of inflation, thus ensuring the EU's economic stability.


Our Technology-Driven Solution

Plastic Processing Power Plant - Innovated Waste-To-Energy (WTE)

Extra Small-Scale Solution

1,200 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Small-Scale Solution

4,700 tons Plastic Waste 

processing per year

Basic-Scale Solution

14,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Medium-Scale Solution

47,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Large-Scale Solution

56,000 tons Plastic Waste 

processing per year

Extra Large-Scale Solution

94,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

The output of the technology is dependent on both the composition and quantity of plastic waste utilized as input. Hence, the computations presented in all TTL USA materials represent mean calculations rather than precise values.
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