Executive Advisory Board

Robert Auer, Ph.D. 

Robert Auer, Ph.D. brings a wealth of competences, capabilities, strengths, and extensive experience to our Executive Advisory Board. With a strong focus on tangible development and innovation deliveries, Robert has consistently delivered outstanding results for energy- and chemical industries, exceptional consultancy services to investor companies and provided expert services to the European Commission. Robert is an experienced, resourceful, and effective innovation specialist with proven proficiency and track record in all aspects of innovation management. Enthusiast, conceptualist, highly innovative and cooperative, efficient in complex environment. He has gained vast experience at both business and academic side.

After having graduated as chemical engineer at the University of Pannonia, he has completed his Ph.D. at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, under a European FP7 project consortium, followed by an industrial postdoctoral study at the RWTH Aachen, Germany, sponsored by the Sumitomo Chemicals.

He has had an extensive career at MOL Group, a Central European multinational oil company, where he held various positions. His extensive expertise, leadership, and innovative mindset have been instrumental in driving research, innovation, and sustainability initiatives within MOL Group. Robert managed a diverse portfolio of projects, including renewable fuels and chemicals, waste management, and CO2 utilization. He established a strong international network, collaborating with research institutes and technology developers from 15 countries. Robert also introduced technology scouting and fostered an innovative culture within the organization. His leadership resulted in successful participation in EU-funded projects, development of waste-to-fuel technology, and the filing of patent proposals. He developed premium diesel and introduced volumetric sales concepts, resulting in increased annual EBITDA.

Robert as the Research & Innovation Director at Circular Economy Science Park Plc. is responsible for generating the innovation strategy, including activities such as technology scouting, prototype incubation, and technology demonstration. He also supervises program managers and focuses on areas such as hydrogen economy and battery technologies. In his previous role as an Innovation Advisor at the University of Pannonia, Robert played a crucial role in enhancing international innovation activities. He developed the competence map of the Engineering Faculty, facilitated network development with regional companies, and developed multiple concepts in the fields of hydrogen, waste management, and plastics recycling.

In the last three years, Robert has delivered expert services to the European Commission, evaluating multiple Innovation Fund and Horizon Europe project proposals on various areas, such as hydrogen technologies, energy storage, energy-intensive industries and carbon capture technologies, energy industries. His contributions have played a crucial role in supporting the innovation and sustainable development initiatives of the European Commission. 

He has been providing consultancy services to various companies in chemical and energy sectors, conducting technology and innovation due diligence of start-ups, analysing value chains, and providing technical and innovation consultancy services to support investment decisions and enhance innovation activities in the energy sector.