Territorial Representation


Regional representatives of European Union

TTL USA, INC. collaborates with contracted partners to offer project support in the specified countries and regions.  

Istvan Zentai

Sales Executive V4 & Austria

e-mail: istvan.zentai@technologytransferlabs.org

 Peter Vegh

Sales Executive European Union  

e-mail: peter.vegh@technologytransferlabs.org

Timea Toth-Kabany

Sales Executive European Union  

e-mail: timea.tothkabany@technologytransferlabs.org

Zsombor Csaba Keri

Sales Executive European Union  

e-mail: zsomborcsaba.keri@technologytransferlabs.org

Maria Helman

Sales Executive Poland 

e-mail: maria.helman@technologytransferlabs.org

Miklos Szabo

Sales Executive European Union 

e-mail: miklos.szabo@technologytransferlabs.org

Anton Stoljar

The former Soviet member states (except Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), and European Union, and the Balkan countries 

e-mail: anton.stoljar@technologytransferlabs.org

Agnes Bozi

Sales Executive European Union, Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland

e-mail: agnes.bozi@technologytransferlabs.org