Executive Advisory Board

Emma Gloria Dongo 

Emma holds an MsC degree in Economics and Political Sciences. An enthusiast of organisational development, strategic HR and people agenda as well as overall strategic business management with +20 years of professional experiences.

During the first part of her professional path acted as an expert advisor in governmental institutions and dived deep into cohesion policy, strategic planning within the financial management framework of the EU ESF human development actions.

After the year 2011 her focus was shifted towards purely organisation culture and HR in the private sector. International experiences (in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland) widened the scope of activities.Some of her highlighted areas are: technology recruitment, RPO, HR outsourcing, corporate culture, organisational development, new era working culture and innovation.

As a Board Member of TTL USA INC. she is engaged to contribute to the growth of the company, support impeccably elaborated corporate governance and to promote new business cooperations.