Dezso Karpati 

Over the past 20+ years "Dez" has worked in small to large scale B2B and B2C projects in a diversity of fields, and with his vast experience in project management, strategic planning, sales, and consulting, he has successfully assisted clients including renowned brands, to develop an effective and strategic image, to streamline their companies' operations, expand and reach their business goals, to penetrate their target markets, introduce their services and launch their products, to reach and engage with the right audiences, position their brands ahead of the competition, create new business opportunities, exceed sales goals and obtain long lasting recognition.

His global perspective and great ability to understand business operations in the U.S., Latin America and European markets from all angles, including finance, sales, project management, marketing and operations, and to navigate the different idiosyncrasies, have been instrumental in developing strategic partnerships in those regions, allowing him to establish innovative and creative initiatives and practices that fuel ongoing growth. He has an exceptional track record in building and scaling new and existing companies with emphasis in the manufacturing sector, and possesses an unwavering commitment to bringing proven and durable solutions that will contribute to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment.