George Rado

Chief Executive


Agnes Nagy-Rado, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President 

and Chief of Staff  

Louis Toth



Dezso Karpati

Vice President of Business


Laszlo Berta

Director of Digital

István Zentai

Senior Regional 


Bence Toth

Chief Technology Officer

Zsombor Csaba Keri

Chief Development Officer

Dr. Rita Börcsök

Chief Legal Officer


The management team and staff of TTL USA INC. have the following references related to the subject matter. 

  • Director of a national waste recycling company in the EU,
  • Design and implementation of a national waste management system in the EU; design and implementation of sorting technology (Middle East experience),
  • Head of the Department of Circular Economy at the University of the EU,
  • Head of the Waste Recovery Working Group of the Budapest Chamber of Engineers,
  • Degree in Chemical Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. in saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, associate professor, expert in the Arab world oil industry,
  • Degree in chemistry, PhD in petroleum distillation, former product director of EU oil company (MOL),
  • Degree in mechanical engineering for energy, 25 years of professional experience, coordinating designs, leading the preparation of works,
  • 10 years of experience as commercial director in basic marketing research and innovation at an international market research institute,
  • Expert contracted by the European Commission for innovation and energy, experience in innovation and plastics recycling,
  • Experience in innovative car recycling technology in the EU,
  • Certified electrical engineer experienced in control engineering and PLC control software development.

Our team of experts also includes.

CEO, Chemical engineer, Electrical engineer, General engineer, High - voltage electrical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Plastic industrial engineer, Software engineer, Architect, City builder, Business analyst, Communication expert, Legal counsel, Market researcher, IT Project Supervisor, Settlement Communication Expert, Economist, Urban Planning Communication Expert, Asset Valuer.