Thermo-chemical conversion (TCC), which takes a different approach to the implementation of a circular plastic economy, is an important complement to mechanical recycling. Thermo-cemical conversion (TCC) plastic waste into secondary raw materials in a thermochemical process. The advantage of this technology is the ability to process mixed and untreated plastic waste. 

By complementing the Plastic Processing Power Plant technology with the installation of an additional plastic manufacturing plant - still operating in a closed system - we can primarily create polymers; i.e., Polyethylene and Polypropylene pellets in granular form, which any plastic factory will be able to use to manufacture products. 

The PPPP technology not only charts a course toward the realization of a comprehensive plastic circular economy but also introduces novel alternatives for diversified energy generation encompassing electricity and heat. This, in turn, addresses the challenges associated with renewable, weather-dependent, and diversifiable power plants. The adoption of this technology within industrial and agricultural domains fosters an environment conducive to innovation, thereby unveiling new prospects for development.