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Pipe Conveyors

The material conveyances of the future 

Its most effective use is on longer conveying distances, via long-distance belts, which is particularly effective for conveying powdery or loose material. In accordance with this, dependent on the conveying distance and the load, textile lined (EP), aramid lined, in addition to steel lined belts, must be used.

The "pipebelt" is typically between 150 – 500 mm wide, working therefore with 600- 1900 mm wide belts. Depending on the physical and chemical properties of the conveyed material, various qualities of cover may be necessary, including abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, oil- and grease-resistant, and flame-resistant. Contitech always manufactures the necessary belts for pipe belts by special order.

The input and output points are identical to those of traditional, open conveyor belts. The difference from classic conveyor belts starts after the loading point, here hexagonal rollers sculpt the belt into a round shape. The belt automatically opens at the output point, and propels the material to its destination. Due to the round shape, the conveyor belt makes spacial-material conveying possible – adapted to topographical conditions – with relatively small space requirements.

The pipe shape does not only protect the conveyed material from outside conditions, but also avoids material spills, while additionally protecting the environment by providing dust-free conveying. Typical areas of use are the conveying of cement, gypsum, limestone, coke, clinker and coal. 

Technical data of the pipe conveyor: 

  • Drum distance: 474 m 
  • Conveying capacity: 600 m³/h 
  • Belt width: 1200 mm 
  • Conveying speed: 3,5 m/s 
  • Nominal pipe diameter: 300 mm
  • Radius of the pipe conveyor track: 120 ill. 500 m 

Technical data of the pipe conveyor: 

  • Drum distance: 100 m 
  • Conveying capacity: 200 m³/h 
  • Belt width: 1200 mm 
  • Conveying speed: 1,52 m/s 
  • Nominal pipe diameter: 300 mm 

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The drive system reacts to pressure very quickly by limiting torque to protect equipment structure. Due to torque limitation the pressure on the teeth, bearings and shafts gets reduced, allowing to diminish further wear-off of the complete equipment and extra maintenance work.

Technical data of the pipe conveyor: 

Drive capacity(kW): 30 (Hägglunds drive or AC-motor frequency driven) • Throughput capacity (m3 /h): max. 200 • Working width (mm): 1500 • Total weight (kg): 5400 • Sturdy construction • Compact design • It can be used for many different types of materials: packaging materials, household waste, paper waste, etc.