We like to use a lot of different type of plastic.

Food containers

Merchandise packaging

Electronic equipment


Home appliances

Office equipment

Office supplies

Car, truck, train, airplane parts

Medical equipment

Sport equipment

Artificial grass


Games and a lot more 

"Although among all materials produced by mankind, the amount of plastic towers high, no summary study of its production and post-use fate has been available so far. To fill this serious gap, researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Georgia along with the Sea Education Association have teamed up to produce the first comprehensive analysis that aggregates the data scattered so far. The research estimates that a total of 8,300 million (i.e. 8.3 billion!) tons of plastics were produced from 1950 to 2015."

Source: University of California and University of Georgia and Sea Education Association 


TTL USA INC. is committed to developing technologies designed to solve the global crisis caused by plastic waste. Our revolutionary Plastics Processing Power Plant technology transforms unrecyclable, end-of-life mixed plastic waste into renewable and storable energy carriers and then into electricity with outstanding efficiency in an environmentally friendly way. Our advanced technology produces abundant valuable energy by eliminating large amounts of accumulated plastic waste.

The Plastic Processing Power Plant provides an efficient and timely solution to the energy challenges of the European Union. This cost-effective technology leads to immediate and impactful results. A plant is installed, from planning to turnkey handover, in 18 months.

Our Technology-Driven Solution

Plastic Processing Power Plant - Innovated Waste-To-Energy (WTE)

Extra Small-Scale Solution

3,150 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Small-Scale Solution

4,700 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Basic-Scale Solution

14,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Medium-Scale Solution

47,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Large-Scale Solution

56,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year

Extra Large-Scale Solution

94,000 tons Plastic Waste

processing per year